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I love Q&A and do a lot of it in various forums. The freedom to talk about things outside of a structured approach or prepared response can be very creative.

Paul would love you to send him any questions about the challenges and opportunities that Growing Big People brings you.

  • Do you think we should employ family?

    I think we should employ the best people and if that’s family then fine.
    Working with family can be awesome or awful because the challenge isn’t so much not taking your work home but not taking your family to work.

  • What is some of the best advice you’ve had re people management?

    Know the difference between a problem that can be fixed and a tension that needs to be managed. When we see everything as a fixable problem we don’t allow for the growth we all gain through managing creative tensions.

  • How do you get champagne people with a coca cola budget?

    That’s another way of saying we would love to have higher quality people but can’t afford them.
    The reality is that no matter what size or stage you’re at you can always have the best people for that stage.
    You grow them! All high achievers started at ground zero but they were high achievers at every stage
    Your budget may be coca cola but your standards values and culture can always be a champagne level.

  • What kinds of things have kept you awake at night over the past 30 years, and how would you avoid sleepless nights worrying, knowing what you know now?

    I haven’t lost much sleep over the years but the perennial issues of lack of money and resources and the emotional costs of people issues are always potential sleep stealers. Think I’ve learned to never take a photograph of any given problem but to just keep the video running cos often what you cry about today you’ll be laughing about tomorrow.

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